wimax frequency range

It is a supplement to the IEEE Std 802.16-2004,[17] and so the actual standard is 802.16-2004 as amended by 802.16e-2005. More advanced versions, including 802.16e, also bring multiple antenna support through MIMO. The WiMAX Forum has proposed an architecture that defines how a WiMAX network can be connected with an IP based core network, which is typically chosen by operators that serve as Internet Service Providers (ISP); Nevertheless, the WiMAX BS provide seamless integration capabilities with other types of architectures as with packet switched Mobile Networks. IEEE 802.16e-2005 improves upon IEEE 802.16-2004 by: SOFDMA (used in 802.16e-2005) and OFDM256 (802.16d) are not compatible thus equipment will have to be replaced if an operator is to move to the later standard (e.g., Fixed WiMAX to Mobile WiMAX). This could lead to cluttered frequencies with slow response times or lost frames. The 2.5 GHz allocation is currently allocated to IMT 2000. WiMAX network operators typically provide a WiMAX Subscriber Unit that connects to the metropolitan WiMAX network and provides Wi-Fi connectivity within the home or business for computers and smartphones. The higher frequency range was set by the original 802.16a standard, whereas the lower frequency range was set later by the 802.16d standard, allowing less attenuation and improved performance. Как интернет-гигант отстал от стартапа", Nets, Webs and the Information Infrastructure, Mobile broadband wireless access (IEEE 802.20), Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=WiMAX&oldid=966457567, Wikipedia articles that are too technical from September 2010, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September 2019, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2012, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from November 2018, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from May 2010, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from November 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, With 2x2 MIMO.Enhanced with 20 MHz channels in 802.16-2009, Also, low mobility users can aggregate multiple channels to get a download throughput of up to 1 Gbit/s, 288.8 (using 4x4 configuration in 20 MHz bandwidth) or 600 (using 4x4 configuration in 40 MHz bandwidth). TTCN-3 test specification language is used for the purposes of specifying conformance tests for WiMAX implementations. Mobile WiMAX (originally based on 802.16e-2005) is the revision that was deployed in many countries and is the basis for future revisions such as 802.16m-2011. WiMAX Wireless Broadband Technology Includes: In order to do so, it has a certified training program that is currently offered in English and French. However, with adequate capacity planning and the use of WiMAX's Quality of Service, a minimum guaranteed throughput for each subscriber can be put in place. Devices that provide connectivity to a WiMAX network are known as subscriber stations (SS). The cable companies were expected to provide media services to other partners while gaining access to the wireless network as a Mobile virtual network operator to provide triple-play services. IEEE 802.16REVd and IEEE 802.16e standards support both Time Division Duplexing and Frequency Division Duplexing as well as a half duplex FDD, that allows for a low cost implementation. [citation needed]. All networks now being deployed in South Korea, the home of the WiBro standard, are now WiMAX. The Asia-Pacific region has surpassed the North American region in terms of 4G broadband wireless subscribers. RF interface     Within the marketplace, WiMAX's main competition came from existing, widely deployed wireless systems such as Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), CDMA2000, existing Wi-Fi, mesh networking and eventually 4G (LTE). Serial data     For more information, see Comparison of wireless data standards. Consequently, the use of wireless microwave backhaul is on the rise in North America and existing microwave backhaul links in all regions are being upgraded. Additionally, given the relatively low costs associated with the deployment of a WiMAX network (in comparison with 3G, HSDPA, xDSL, HFC or FTTx), it is now economically viable to provide last-mile broadband Internet access in remote locations. [42] USB     In addition, the comparisons listed are not normalized by physical channel size (i.e., spectrum used to achieve the listed peak rates); this obfuscates spectral efficiency and net through-put capabilities of the different wireless technologies listed below. There is no uniform global licensed spectrum for WiMAX, however the WiMAX Forum published three licensed spectrum profiles: 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz, in an effort to drive standardisation and decrease cost. In other regions, urban and rural backhaul is usually provided by microwave links. Outdoor units are roughly the size of a laptop PC, and their installation is comparable to the installation of a residential satellite dish. For example, the architecture is flexible enough to allow remote/mobile stations of varying scale and functionality and Base Stations of varying size – e.g. HTC and Sprint Nextel released the second WiMAX enabled mobile phone, the EVO 4G, March 23, 2010 at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas. In the USA the FCC auction for this spectrum began in January 2008 and, as a result, the biggest share of the spectrum went to Verizon Wireless and the next biggest to AT&T. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. By 2009, most mobile operators began to realize that mobile connectivity (not fixed 802.16e) was the future, and that LTE was going to become the new worldwide mobile connectivity standard, so they chose to wait for LTE to develop rather than switch from 3G to WiMax. Conversely, reducing the range (to under 1 km) allows a device to operate at higher bitrates. Generally these devices are connected to a notebook or net book computer. IEEE 802.15.4     The latest version of WiMAX, WiMAX release 2.1, popularly branded as/known as WiMAX 2+, is a backwards-compatible transition from previous WiMAX generations. [24], WiMAX profiles define channel size, TDD/FDD and other necessary attributes in order to have interoperating products. Some vendors claim that their equipment is "WiMAX-ready", "WiMAX-compliant", or "pre-WiMAX", if they are not officially WiMAX Forum Certified. In addition to being stable under overload and over-subscription, the scheduling algorithm can also be more bandwidth efficient. [30], In 2011, the Telecommunications Industry Association released three technical standards (TIA-1164, TIA-1143, and TIA-1140) that cover the air interface and core networking aspects of Wi-Max High-Rate Packet Data (HRPD) systems using a Mobile Station/Access Terminal (MS/AT) with a single transmitter.[31]. WiMAX in this application competes with microwave radio, E-line and simple extension of the fiber network itself. The largest wireless broadband partner using WiMax, Clearwire, announced in 2008 that they would begin overlaying their existing WiMax network with LTE technology, which was necessary for Clearwire to obtain investments they needed to stay in business. The scalable physical layer architecture that allows for data rate to scale easily with available channel bandwidth and range of WiMAX make it suitable for the following potential applications: WiMAX can provide at-home or mobile Internet access across whole cities or countries. WiMAX directly supports the technologies that make triple-play service offerings possible (such as quality of service and multicasting). The fixed profiles have channel sizes of 3.5 MHz, 5 MHz, 7 MHz and 10 MHz. 2G GSM     Operating at the maximum range of 50 km (31 mi) increases bit error rate and thus results in a much lower bitrate.

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