vital wheat gluten substitute bread flour

5lb Homemade Bulk Batch. You’ll Need: 1 -5lb Bag All-Purpose Flour 1/3 cup PLUS 2 Teaspoons Vital Wheat Gluten If making 1/2 cup, use 1/2 tsp. Vital Wheat Gluten. I got a box of vital wheat gluten on the clearance pile at Giant-- you can find this stuff at health food stores and big grocery stores, or purchase in smaller bulk quantities online.

In a bowl, sift the proportional amounts of vital wheat gluten and AP flour together.

Guar Gum. Most people can consume wheat gluten without thinking twice, but if you have celiac disease, a wheat allergy or you're sensitive to gluten, you'll need to keep vital wheat gluten out of your diet. Keep in mind that it's best to whisk the vital wheat gluten into the flour mix thoroughly, to ensure it's evenly distributed. So, if your recipe calls for 8 cups whole wheat flour you'll remove 1/2 cup of the flour and add 1/2 cup of gluten added in with the flour.

You can buy vital wheat gluten, which is just the gluten. A baking component that often gets pricey-- AP flour is usually cheap and you can get generic/storebrand; I've yet to see storebrand bread flour. High Gluten Flour. 95.4 g Total Carbohydrate If you go for higher percentages of these non-wheat flours, you may want to bake the dough in a loaf pan. Bread Flour. Vital Wheat Gluten Substitutes. If you’d prefer to make a bulk batch of homemade flour to keep in a container in your pantry, here are the measurements you’ll need.

In my experience, non-wheat flours like oat, quinoa, and buckwheat can be used at up to 25% of the total flour weight with basically no volume issues in the resulting bread if the other 75% of the flour is bread flour, all purpose flour, or a hard red whole grain flour. If you don't have bread flour stocked in your cupboard, you can make a bread flour substitute by adding vital wheat gluten to increase the protein content. The final flour mix would then be made up of 490g Gold Medal Blue Label all-purpose and 10g of vital wheat gluten. Vital wheat gluten -- the natural protein found in wheat -- boosts dietary protein and fills an essential role in baking. Omit vital wheat gluten and the flour from a recipe and replace both with bread flour in an equal amount. This is really convenient for recipes that call for only a cup or two of bread flour without necessitating purchasing and storing an extra sack that costs around $5-6 just for 5 pounds! If you have whole wheat flour, add a little bit (no more than 1/2 tsp-1 tsp or so per cup of AP flour) for nuttiness and substance as it adds to the weight that makes it better suited for bread and pretzel making.

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