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There are even whispers of the Voluntary Contribution system being scrapped altogether. + - $125 a week. If you move to one of them, your UK pension will be frozen at the date you retire, or when you arrived, no matter how rich or poor you are, what job you did, or how much national insurance you have paid. The full UK basic state pension is £129.20 a week, and will next month rise by £5.05 to £134.25.

I used our State Pension Forecast and top up Service. I’d also encourage British expats to contact BPiA to ask for our assistance in applying for and maximising their UK pension.

There aren’t many people left alive on this planet who can, like London-born Robert Haley, talk about how he joined the Royal Navy at 17 in 1942 and saw almost four years’ active service during the second world war.

After that, you get to keep 50 cents of your Australian Pension for each extra $1 received from the UK. I appeal to all British expats in Australia, as well as Australians who have worked in the UK and may have acquired rights to a UK state pension, to learn more about this appalling and highly discriminatory British government practice. That’s why I’m the vice chairman of British Pensions in Australia (BPiA), a not-for-profit association that, in return for a small annual subscription, offers to help all UK expats discover their UK pension entitlements and learn how to improve them. Members get more.

+ - $125 a week.

Haley was born in Ealing, west London, and spent four-and-a-half years in the Royal Navy between 1942 and 1946. At the time, Dame Joan Bakewell, the government’s own champion for older people, commented that, whatever the niceties of the law, changing the status quo was a matter of social justice.

Last Monday was Commonwealth Day, and the press release talked about “delivering a common future”. As a result of his service, he has eight British medals and three Russian medals. I was extremely pleased with the result: It turns out I had 15 years’ worth of NI stamps/contributions for my time working in the UK, which at today’s rates will pay me $126 a week but the good news was that I could pay voluntary contributions going back 9 years at a cost of around $260.00 for each extra credit, (see panel below) plus 3 years forward to get me to a pension of 27 years.

My own part-pension started in June 2003 at £45 a week (approximately $125 – the exchange rate at the time was about $2.78 to £1) and 17 years later, is still £45 a week (approximately $87 at the current exchange rate of about $1.93).

That has left him up to £4,200 out of pocket this year alone. I don’t need you to send it but I need to know if you know your National Insurance Number.

Annette Carson, a British woman who retired in South Africa, challenged the UK government in a legal action in London’s High Court in 2002, then the Court of Appeal in 2003 and the House of Lords in 2005. So basically you will have 1 & 1/2 Pensions Plus $125 per week. The UK government justifies its actions simply by ridiculously claiming it can’t afford the $600 million cost of treating all British pensioners equally. The UK is the only OECD country that practices a selective pension policy of freezing its state pension in some countries but not others – an immoral system that it has kept in place for almost 70 years.

Are you presently employed and did you work in the UK prior to leaving? What has angered campaigners even more is that the government recently announced that, post-Brexit, it would continue to annually “uprate” UK state pensions for expats living across the EU, but it can’t or won’t find the money to boost the pensions of Britons living in the “frozen” countries. If your State Pension is under £5 per week, you’ll be paid once a year in December. All told, he has been deprived of as much as £62,000 since he turned 65 – money that could have transformed his retirement years.

There are major changes underway to State Pension Age. Robert Haley risked his life by taking part in the Arctic convoys in the second world war. However, they argue it would be too expensive to uprate those affected, and that the priority should be targeting money at the poorest pensioners at home. But unlike the Britons who’ve retired in the US, Israel, the European Economic Area, Turkey, Jamaica and numerous other countries, we Brits in Australia and most Commonwealth countries don’t get our UK state pension annually uprated in line with inflation. There are about 235,000 retirees in Australia who’re in receipt of a UK state pension or part thereof – most of them are British expats, like me.

This discrimination against 520,000 British pensioners retired overseas continues even though the UK government itself is signatory to the Commonwealth Charter that states “we are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination”. IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO This article is of a general nature and FYI only, because it doesn’t take into account your financial or legal situation, objectives or needs. But despite that, Haley receives a UK state pension that has been frozen at £46.90 per week.

She became a member of Starts at 60 and got access to amazing travel deals, free masterclasses, exclusive news and features and hot member discounts!

The annual subscription this service costs is used to help finance our ongoing fight to uprate our UK pensions and provide fairness, equality and dignity in retirement. This is according one of the UK’s top Pension companies “Royal London” Steve Webb, a director at Royal London, the pension firm, said: "The price of topping up your state pension continues to be heavily subsidised.

here aren’t many people left alive on this planet who can, like London-born Robert Haley, talk about how he joined the Royal Navy at 17 in 1942 and saw almost four years’ active service during the second world war. Applications for Voluntary Contributions should be done A.S.A.P. BPiA uses the funds raised via subscriptions to finance an International political and media campaign in the UK aimed at forcing the UK Government to overturn its unjust position of freezing the pensions of 4 per cent of all UK pensioners – those that retired to countries where pensions aren’t uprated. We will prepare an obligation free report on your possible UK State Pension entitlements and how you may be able to improve it. I needed to invest approximately a one-off fee of $3,000 (less than $5.00 a week for each extra year) in voluntary contributions for a gain of approximately $5000 to add to the $7500 I had for the 15 years already worked giving me around $900 a month for the rest of my life. But while the department has a “gold card” for its Australian veterans, with most of their health and welfare covered fully, Haley is not entitled to this. Basically one needs to have worked a minimum of 3 years in the UK to have any entitlement if you think you have then please send me the following information on our contact page and I will email you your free report.

He was one of thousands of seamen who risked their lives in the Arctic convoys to Russia between 1941 and 1945. Campaigners say cases like these highlight the unfairness of the UK policy. Meanwhile, veterans impacted by this issue will be calling on minister for veterans’ affairs Johnny Mercer MP to support their call for action. Once you are in possession of your report you will be able to make an informed decision on how you wish to move forward with your retirement plans. He was one of thousands of seamen who risked their lives in the Arctic convoys to Russia between 1941 and 1945. all-party parliamentary group on frozen British pensions, the promise made in the EU withdrawal agreement. As a result, there is a risk that a cash-strapped government will pull the plug on this scheme at short notice. "For those who can benefit from this scheme, it is well worth considering filling gaps in your pension record for each year as soon as it becomes possible to do so.".

I was actually unsure how many years I had actually worked or how many National Insurance (NI) Contributions I had made. Find out more about the campaign at

Source: Getty. He is one of more than 500,000 Britons overseas losing out as a result of the UK’s “frozen pensions” policy. After that, you get to keep 50 cents of your Australian Pension for each extra $1 received from the UK. Please do not hesitate to add any questions you might have. Everyone will have their own unique situation and strategy for moving forward but I hope this helps to give you an idea of what yours might look like. Therefore you can increase your UK Pension to your desired income level simply and very cost-effectively. That is, except when I take a vacation in the UK or Europe and advise the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions accordingly!

We will reply with your report, a brochure for your perusal also attached will be a couple of recent clients’ testimonials that might help give you some confidence in my service. Even living in Australia if you have worked in the UK (Can Be of Any Nationality) and paid NI contributions for at least three years you can still pay voluntary contributions (VCs) into the UK’s (heavily subsidised) Aged Pension Scheme to increase on any entitlements you have already achieved before you left the UK.

I (Jim) moved to Australia in 1991 from the United Kingdom. This means we receive the same amount of pension in pounds sterling as was first paid to us. Marginally it may, but not losing $1 for $1, as Centrelink allows you a fee income without plenty of approx. There are similar groups in other countries who’re also funding the campaign, including a large group in Canada, where British pensioners are in the same situation as those in Australia, and we all collaborate as part of the International Consortium of British Pensioners.

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