salmon river fishing setup

Only one problem remained—how to keep the feet warm, since wading shoes don’t provide warmth.

There are many techniques for catching salmon in a river, and I aim to cover them all at some point.

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Of special interest to fly-fishers is the “flyfishing only/catch and release” area on the upper end of the Salmon River. Salmon can also be turned off by smells such as human sweat, which is why it’s important to use gloves when handling terminal presentations and while curing salmon eggs. The inconspicuous CO2-activated type works well and won’t get in the way while fishing. I’m not sure any practice or detail has put me on more salmon then this one. The colder water, which brings about this change in feeding habits, also changes where the fish lie. A wading staff and metal cleats on your waders are very important winter safety gear. Oh man im definitely in the 90% stage but im still getting out there and trying!!!

From Pineville to Altmar are the Hemlock, the Abandoned Trestle, Ellis Cove, and the Schoolhouse pools.

Probably because they are too busy enjoying the experience to analyze it. What’s the point of targeting fish that aren’t there?

Until neoprene came on the scene about 20 years ago, winter wading was all but impossible.

A few tried-and-true patterns include Glo-Bugs and Hamon Eggs in a variety of colors, as well as pheasant tail, hare’s ear, and prince nymphs. The lifecycle of salmon is such that, as they enter freshwater, their bodies have already started to shutdown some of their normal functions like eating.

off of work to make the trip? Alright, you cannot got very far in an article like this, without addressing one of the greatest curiosities any beginner will have about fishing for salmon in the rivers. You can also subtract from one week vs the last week to see the rate of salmon moving through the river each week.

You cannot find more epic salmon fishing in Washington State, and perhaps in all of the Pacific Northwest. Maybe that’s true.

Float fishing always involves a float, some weight below the float and a leader to a terminal offering, which is usually a hook with bait, jig, bead or some combination.

Next came “breathable” waders.

Take a look at our drift fishing for salmon guide for much more details on this popular technique.

There are some specific details to incorporate, to target biting fish with drift fishing and to minimize flossing. Do salmon actually bite in the river?

Another worthwhile purchase is hand warmers, the ones that look like tea bags. line in order for it to descend the water column quicker. Every Fall the Salmon River sees epic fly fishing runs of King Salmon and Coho Salmon in Pulaski NY. Felt works fine on your first step into the water, but subsequently, tends to freeze quickly as you move to the next fishing spot. Hypothermia is an insidious enemy. Anglers who rely on felt soles for better traction on slippery rocks have learned the hard way that felt can work against you in the winter.

A medium-size reel with a smooth drag and enough capacity for 150 yards of backing is a must.

very critical details to be aware of. One of the best places to target fall king salmon is after a difficult stretch of rapids, followed by a run and just before another difficult stretch.

So, the aggressive fall steelhead that eagerly darted four to five feet to grab a passing morsel is now hesitant to move four or five inches. On really cold days it is just a matter of time before ice starts to form on the rod guides. Town Hole), the 81 Hole, and the Paper Mill.

The OP is one fire right now.

With the food source—the leftover eggs from spawning salmon—now in short supply, the fish can’t afford to waste the energy it takes to stay in fast-moving water. Have you ever watched your fishing partner take a header into his or her favorite hole? 84 0 obj <>stream

That Riffle->Run->Tail out disappears as river flows increase, and it just turns into one long fast moving run that will completely change where salmon hold (or if they hold), and more likely it will convert the majority of the river to traveling water. I’ve caught nearly all species of salmon with this. A good rule of thumb is to use enough to feel it tap the bottom several times each drift. Of course, landing one is another story. I had a good friend take up the salmon fishing hobby awhile back, who had been a fisherman with experience all over the US and he was amazed at how technical salmon fishing in the river can be. You can compare the numbers to the previous years to gain confidence in that assessment. Slowly lift the fly out of the water, and in one smooth motion, cast the fly again, presenting it slightly upstream and a few inches farther away than the last cast. Scent is critical because salmon can smell many many times better than we can.

Also, factor in the size of the river.

I have been fishing the river for 10 years now and wish i had this article available at the start.

�j�k�(�. Most of the time, information being posted in these groups is fairly stale and sometimes unreliable. Forty degrees (give or take a degree) seems to be a pivotal point between aggressive fall behavior and a more dormant winter reaction. When I showed up at dawn, the kings were moving up the shallow riffle into the next section of river, but as it got lighter they weren’t as bold, and instead just stacked up at head of the run, with one eventually succumbing to my eggs drifted under a float.

It’s not hard to find slow / deep water that looks like it could be salmon holding water, but salmon will generally stack up and prefer that type of water AFTER a long stretch of hard to navigate water such as shallow rapids. 64 0 obj <>/Encrypt 12 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<05E80DD34FE78447AB86B2DC39B49E5A>]/Index[11 74]/Info 10 0 R/Length 206/Prev 169064/Root 13 0 R/Size 85/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

A river is a mountain trail that’s covered in moving water and salmon prefer to navigate that trail in a specific way. In general, both Coho and Pinks prefer softer currents, slower water and soft edges of heavier currents. @�$�}�y�fvv���J�-b��:C�@]��{�=+����ҡW�\�S~'�� ���;����o�`�*LT�%�J-��C3v 6�� t�0W��=���������l�������q�&�\�C��va���Y?D{w�Ὁ��_ѣ�O� ��

What I learned was that, these fisherman were using a technique called “flossing”.

The next challenge is finding the fish.

To help minimize this problem, carry a small can of Pam cooking spray, regularly and liberally applying it to each guide.

The amount of weight to use depends on the speed and depth of the water.

... Salmon River Fly Fishing Guide

Well, the good news is that since flossing is best performed in traveling water, and since most bank bound salmon fisherman are flossing, you will find yourself fishing alone on some great holding water in popular fisheries. The spring king salmon is perhaps the best tasting salmon (fish?) Every river follows a basic pattern of riffle->run->tail out. Already looking at a return in early December… can’t wait!

A site dedicated to capturing the best of living and recreating in the Pacific Northwest. %PDF-1.6 %���� Steelhead move from fast riffles and runs to deeper, calm pools. It’s not uncommon to hook fish that are 15-plus pounds. Now there are hundreds of variables being introduced that affect holding water location.

Mike…extremely well written.

Salmon that have been holding for a long time tend to not bite nearly as well as fish that are on the move, and may have just arrived to a new holding area. Think of it as a freeway / highway that salmon are cruising through. This page will constantly expand and grow as an entire book can be written (and several have), on this topic.

The Salmon River has a very rocky bottom, so to keep from losing too many flies, leave the tag end of the blood or surgeon’s knot when adding tippet and connect the split shot to the tag.

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