quench tank for knives

If you're dead set on a horizontal tank, I'm confused as to why you figured your dimensions at only being 2 inches wide. Terry Monteith has been working with me over the last couple weeks to build the quench tank I wanted, but couldn't find. new pump coming up revision #1 stay tuned. ), polymer? It's my understanding that the nuclear subs are much quieter than the old WWII subs and the magnetometers were a new tool for detecting them. I have a set of vertical quench tanks, made from 4 inch diameter PVC pipe and a matching end cap. Then, as the line cuts the lower black line (Ms) the metal starts to transform from the Austenitic (soft_ phase to the Martensitic (hard phase).

I built mine from a piece of 5"x5" square tube with .1875" wall thickness. Note time is on a logarithmic scale as all the action happens very quickly at the start and then slows down dramatically. I have quenched 6mm thick 1070 steel, which probably ranks as about the lowest hardenability of steels commonly used for blades, quite successfully in a fast oil. This does not mean that you cannot quench from your forge fire when magnetism is lost but you’ll be less likely to be at the optimum temperature than if you are using a controlled temperature furnace. Plumb silly. Pattern welded steels may require some variation (it’s NOT a matter of calculating average carbon content – that’s just wrong).

Feb 26, 2017 - In this video, swordsmith Walter Sorrells shows how to make a small quench tank for water-hardening knife blades. One particularly caught my eye because it was, apparently, made for some kind of rocket or missiles. Actually, it's interesting now that Google has bathymetry (sp?) Very well thought out and the construction looks very good.

In operation since 1998, BladeForums.com has led the industry since Day 1. After about half an hour coyotes stopped by to check me out, a brave one actually sniffed me and they surrounded me to sing. This is the show that turns the craftsmanship, legend and excitement of weapons-building into an against-the-clock battle of wits, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. and temper it to make a blade that’s usable as a knife. I use to use a turkey fryer pot on a hot plate,I still have it and don't use it as much as I do my roaster oven ,I think the oven holds about 3 gallons maybe 4 .Works for me and should it flare up on me I just put the lid on.I used to use a large amo can till I tipped it over one day trying to get the lid closed,I thought man had that been on fire I would have been in big trouble.That's when I went to the turkey fryer,I would heat it up on the hot plate then set it down on the floor before use,a straight razors making friend showed me his roaster oven and I was able to pick one up for about 20 bucks at a local grocery store sale and it's a very convenient set up. Thanks for the ideasw.

grease barrel in a cut down 55gl. I called it the SUPER-TANK(ED) 2000 as a joke. You must quench into a recognised quench medium. Oil? Never heard of Atlantic Salmon?

North, South, East, West, it doesn't matter if you're an Alaskan. I was bugging Terry for pictures on Friday. (Ref: Robert Dill who lectured one of our classes and had been a "consultant" to the NRL on the geology of their "zebra stripes" discoveries.)

I went to my local hardware store got a 1 gallon paint can, put a hole in the rim for a thermometer. We need to understand what happens during the quench though to take full advantage of this characteristic. If you offset the basket from the bottom slightly a dropped blade can't impact the tip and so avoid messing it up... Frosty if you keep giving away our secrets the Secret Order of Secrecy will have to come visit you and tear off a corner of your invisible membership card! by Graham Clarke | Feb 7, 2017 | Heat Treatment | 0 comments.

Now I hope that it has a wire mesh "basket" in the bottom with an attached rod that comes up to just under the lid so if a piece gets dropped it can be pulled out easily. The "drift" pun, or lack of it....like in drifting in open waters. Thanks, I'll be building a couple of new quench tanks soon and this will help out. By It was a great night, I had a thermos of hot coffee, a lounge chair, nibbles and the Bronco radio tuned to an oldy rock station. The curve on the diagram that appears between 700, However, it is important to note this phenomenon of the steel converting from soft to hard after it has cut the lower (Ms) line.

If it’s already hard and you’ve forgotten to drill a hole bury it in vermiculite so that it cools very slowly and it should be soft enough to drill. Paste as plain text instead, × When storing canola oil, make sure it’s safe from three factors: air, heat and light. Temperature is on the vertical scale and time horizontal. Discussion in 'Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers' started by Dr.O, Nov 22, 2013.   Pasted as rich text.

You guys with those ammo cans can put a cement block on each side to prevent it from tipping over. I built mine from a piece of 5"x5" square tube with .1875" wall thickness. This quench tank will hold 1 gallon of oil and should give you 4 to 5 quenches before needing to cool.

Caustic soda? grease barrel in a cut down 55gl. Russian subs were much quieter than anybody's WWII diesel electrics but they're still pretty noisy when they move so hiding in littoral waters and listening to us is the mode. The blade section is thin relative to its mass and the heat will transfer to the oil quite fast enough providing you have the right oil. So I take it Canadian Knifemaking supply is going to be heat treating oil quench blades now. Just got my 40mm ammo can. When it comes to light, just put the oil in a cupboard, it’ll be safe from direct sunlight there. So now it’s at the correct hardening temperature and next comes the quench. I have a 15gl. There has been the original concept - still in place - with a fairly major set of mods - and two small tweaks - so this is Version 1.2.02 :les: You must log in or register to reply here. If the poles flip I just hope the salmon will get confused and come down to Florida. I also made my first forged hinge to fit on the tank. I'd love a slice of ton'O fish sandwich.

July 19, 2016 in Heat Treating Knives, Blades etc. When it comes to the first one of them, just keep the bottle tightly sealed when not in use, that’s all. Fire can be an issue, but time and experience has taught me how to do it without getting any flame ups. Folding Knife Parts. medium? It’s better to just be able to hold or hang it still while it cools. The depth is 18" which should be sufficient for most knife sizes. The best thing to re purpose into a quench tank is an old electric roster oven. The "limiter plate" is nothing more than a 1/4" thick piece of aluminum plate, choked full of 3/8" holes, with 1/4-20 threaded holes on each corner. were significant researchers who contributed to the interpretation regarding sea floor spreading and mirror image records of same. I have drawn a typical cooling curve representative on an oil quench in blue and an air quench in red. Judge David Baker shows host Wil Willis how to properly use the quench in this web exclusive. Judge David Baker shows host Wil Willis how to properly use the quench in this web exclusive. Thomas, my being a (retired) geologist by profession as well, here is an interesting sidelight to the magnetometer discovery. I put a piece of plate in the bottom as a puncture shield, the oil barrel has a lid and the 55gl drum has a lid. There are places here you can't trust a magnetic compass without knowing the correction to true. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. :grumpy: I was down at a hunting store the other day and saw their collection of ammo cans for sale. Still laying on or near the bottom is about the best chance of going undetected. Yes I was stuck on the mid Atlantic ridge pole reversal evidence and got subs mixed up. and then remove it from the quenchant at what temp?? The speed at which your quenchant cools your blade is. Cool tank, nice work. I have about 3.5 gallons of Parks 50 in it. It is easier to heat/maintain to the desired temperature than a really big container. You'll be able to tell when the aurora show up directly overhead.... East and west poles flip as well for the Salmon????

I like it because i can seal it up when not in use and it is relatively spill proof.

I'm surprised Prof Dill hadn't towed you how array your sensors. Smaller size tanks work well for regular knife quenching. Your quench tank should be deep enough to lower the blade in vertically (my quench tank is a piece of 150mm dia pipe about 800mm deep). If you’re familiar with TTT or CCC diagrams this is known “getting past the knee” of the cooling curve.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I use a 40mm ammo can. We were just learning how to listen for them in WWII weren't we. You can post now and register later. I like a horizontal tank because it gives me the options of either an edge quench using my "limiter plate" or a full quench. Your quench tank should be deep enough to lower the blade in vertically (my quench tank is a piece of 150mm dia pipe about 800mm deep). Therefore, if we were to try to straighten a warped blade before it gets to, say, 2500C it will still be soft, can be straightened, will stay straight, and will not move again as it hardens.

Each hold has 1/4-20 carriage bolts threaded in, with the heads facing down so I can adjust the depth of the plate in the oil.....and therefore adjust the depth of an edge quench.

Water? I'd like to know more about the pump, filter, & ball valve set-up. When not in use you might want to plug your thermometer hole as well!

They read it like a bar code from orbit now. Most carbon blade steels will harden satisfactorily in a fast speed quench oil. You'll go blind trying to match them up, though.

I did order a 5 gallon pail of Parks 50, so it is on the way. You must log in or register to reply here. Wicked cool night, Kodak moments galore. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I use this feature to straighten my blades by getting them into a press between 2 flat plates as they cool. Bearings Bushings & Washers; Clips & Fellhoelter Clip Brake; Pivot Heads; Pivot Barrels & Sexbolts; Screws; Stop Pins Detent Balls Misc; Thumb Studs & Bars; Forging .

You are using an out of date browser. I achieve this by removing the blade from the oil at about 4000C (oil auto ignites at about 4500C) so as long as they don’t flash but are smoking heavily when I remove them from the oil I’m at about the right temp. What follows only applies to blades made from proprietary carbon or stainless steels. freezer? Must have caught you napping, Frosty!! I like the idea of that angle and Will use it when I build a smaller version. Don't worry Steve, just pivot your quench tank till blades come out straight and align your anvil to match. I've only done smaller knives. Around dec.1996 I stopped in the eastern Washington desert to watch meteors and the aurora was a wavery green haze in the north. Yes, I was napping very well thank you.

If you try to swirl the blade around whilst it’s cooling you stand a good chance of causing it to distort. – fridge? Oil – correctly formulated quench oil with the correct additives to give the required quench speed. It may not display this or other websites correctly. While I didn't catch the printing on the side to see what it held, I immediately thought it would make a great quench tank.

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