ocala livestock market report

Current Report; Archived Reports

�C�THɒ,�[�mRk����7�!�}��_�(�!%��8�D2SXj�-�gt���\�����}��5��B#F�2O޼ �4s�ՇH�!�?d��8G��"k���e�`�/8'h��"q�0�9�_#��[��q����~Bg�./�^~Bo.����/���h�t9��o_��{���NQ�'����w:]��_^~�B3���^>�Qq�������c�Eo���],��� q�2˧�h�i��|�E�=Ml��:Т���h���-�a��[4uxZ4���Ͱ�G�h��C-�sj����hjZ��hL�W���I�� d{�����{X4=�D�=u�L�S8³j�ԟh� �rG�jks�H�1j�8�d�X��o�d2uBȞ��K$N F����������&B�����吻`Ԡ|��3���[U(&G�U�l�Ŷ�F� Z�=z*˯��ժx���C)���X#�G��*�uh��9�%�bo����j���؛���]�}�vu��|\�vh��Z�;F���� _���a4w��F �ã�P��L$�E���)�P��?>�7UȪ8��,�4��T� �� �%�l.�)�����h�o4�TݼF��������Z���)%�f��̔��V�[email protected]�EÛ*^]�V>f��]�C7���O�êX���~?M6��� Auction House in Ocala Open today until 4:30 PM Get Quote Call (352) 732-4454 Get directions WhatsApp (352) 732-4454 Message (352) 732-4454 Contact Us Find … CENTRAL FLORIDA LIVESTOCK AGENTS GROUP.

Total Run: 409. COWS - Breaker 75-80% (Per Cwt / Actual Wt) Head Wt Range Avg Wt Price Range Avg Price Dressing 2 1675-1685 1680 57.00-58.00 57.50 Average 2 1325-1485 1405 61.00-65.00 63.11 High March Ocala Livestock Market Report. x��]�o�8~_��_�jF�)���m����n�Eq�ރ�Q_�8k; It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head. CENTRAL FLORIDA LIVESTOCK AGENTS GROUP. !ɨ�O֫?8�?1��� Fax: (386)755-2999. May. Ocala Livestock Auction; Most Recent Report. Phone (386) 755-3576. September.

�uN��4�I�ܶ�s����3M��H6c=��M�4h;�ּu���&�#�B�0Ԥ��'�46TI�M>J��0����F��TV:4�������M�Oz�T�����'�#m|�Dغ�ICA�X:}L V݃�O�Ξ ��l�{�f:y"����K�N�VugfP�r��=u"h([U'u�&PA$7iK�����L��j�tK�MfOz(W:�x�D��pv�;������ib�4�H�EQ*r��&��J�O�6Ԥ����@��40�?�q�l|�D�P���l��������&��J�O�&Y6��Gh:"��&���JL��i{�B��q� �!3،G�������`&�h��9R]�ݢa�Z4FV K� ��=�ܠ�L&��A5���������j��/A���F���z|xX}G�����~=~�g`M�VU���f���Ӌ0���6¬�6�=8n2����+�_�[email protected][4����3���J %PDF-1.3 June. 11 0 obj

Feeder classes firm. << /Length 3848 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream Ocala Livestock Market Report Archives. July. }�y��8�� August. Halbach Cattle Fall Online Sale 11-10-2020, Good Times Cattle Co. Heifer Sale 11-10-2020, Andrews Cattle Co. Online Sale 11-10-2020, Heartland Cattle Company Top Cut Heifer Sale 11-10-2020, Hill Brothers Fall Female Sale 11-10-2020, Holt Cattle Co. Sweet November Elite Female Sale 11-10-2020, Lashmett Cattle Simmental Heifer Sale 11-10-2020, MPJ Cattle Company Fall Finale Sale 11-10-2020.

[/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] Ocala Livestock Market Market Type: Auction Livestock; Provided by: Tallahassee, FL ... To ensure the accuracy of these reports, each Market Reporter is required to take a written test and apply their skills during an official live animal grading correlation with their supervisor every two years. �"@�ў*�s�����}*�o˦�ހ�)������k�k���sX��%"�t���na�������*L���0'ut53��[email protected])fL����rQpmĹ�%R�]�\�Ի,<5!�,X�c|6�~7=�MxNT_�=vK-5�k C6t��+0O�9���d�[�:��.5V����e����lFT�¬9�@=�ǃ��� A������veqD�����h��s��|���24��q&Q��S+�R��4$'���㱒��,��M�O*:������?��?8�?16��w��*)D2rH}��(g��?+�? \dX��ߺ���c���m�d���eq��~�h,sa���Y�wsnN(V; '�bf"vj��(>F���r� ��Uz�o4'�j�{�;~��֘�x���������M ���Tl���>Ij�9f�ɓ�9l�T��>L͛K�G�71���e]M/�T0��W[�]���o`u�9 ��idN�O��نih��ܡ�bB%F`��ti�R���#����2-����5"�(�ݽFIa�]�̕���7� |�?d���ď�5���-~b5[�F�ȡ����m5��f��o�n�[1U�DZ��B�q��Ҁ�c�P �1H�q.HO�s~�ܡϰ�?�#ڼ�"�#&3{ 0��{�m �l�e�X�H(i�d&����szN����C�/�)�C���,�#G����v���2��8��>��c=]�O�����f_�`2��a�{[email protected][� ��S�����W�uƹn���X^u�"�� W� O�Fp����j����3��2���h1e�A5�G �Ǐ؇�5�c������47v����M,t�h�`o��I4Wv���k���^;�m23�cf*�T. ǻdD�F���9��Y#H?�t���? !�f���ǁ��'m��L�O G$1����>"l�u�5��d���/��Ο �)����M�Oڣ?0�?��G�����?6l�X7x�Q����ҪR�vh=V:4β�=�q����@e7`*8…���>"�~��昤�/�̹�Po���������x��T���0{�W��ʝ �0e��I/w*�P'�6�tS�(`Y�֋Q���=�qX�� �3�W:;�t�D���=0�>���P�K|�Dذ�"��ɀ8$}��Xdl�?+�?� �}��@������q��� ���S�>"l -�����s�h1��Kg��̟M�J��ǃ&�'��^0�? Please report invalid links to [email protected] 2020 November. April. 1 0 obj CENTRAL FLORIDA LIVESTOCK AGENTS GROUP. Ocala Livetock Market - Ocala, FL Livestock Weighted Average Report for 3/25/2019 NOTICE: As Market News transitions reports to the MARS platform and My Market News, report formats will be converted from a text version to a more user-friendly and accessible PDF format. endobj Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. ��2���TRH����� CONTACT. Feeder steers steady, feeder bulls 2.00 to 3.00 higher, feeder heifers steady. �PZ$0����i8�����4�a�Ձ��� ��7��a���#�:�G���3�aw�8c�>�1x�S��q�!CM��C Market Notes Compared to last week: Slaughter cows slightly higher, slaughter bulls 1.00 to 3.00 higher. 11/2/2020. *Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. October.

Email: [email protected]

Ocala Livestock Auction - Ocala, FL Arcadia Livestock Auction – Arcadia, FL (Mon) Arcadia Livestock Auction – Arcadia, FL (Wed) North Florida Livestock Auction – Ellisville, FL (Wed) Ocala Livestock Auction – Ocala, FL (Mon) Day of week indicates the day report is posted.

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