methods of fat extraction

After the experiment had finished going through the refluxes, the thimbles were allowed to dry in a fume hood overnight. 0000016608 00000 n 0000059844 00000 n In this procedure, ether is often used as a solvent due to its low boiling point, relatively non-toxic nature (when compared to chloroform or methanol), and of course because it is quite non-polar. Hexane/isopropanol experiment:

$���_s�05n��Z��7oϋe:�}���ǔ�u�:l]���eVG~�X��"V^��7�A}�UU6��m4h�~�O����9f��P��:|a�ʓ��a)�Zt �{�ng���(�CI)^��u�F!V���8A.���Ҝ 鎶���eL�ue+��yNqb��t�%�n�ze��� ���ʸ� endstream endobj 87 0 obj <>stream By tradition Soxhlet is associated with solvent extraction. Knowing the mass of oil extracted and the mass of oil originally in the sample, the percent fat extracted can quite easily be calculated for each method. If too much were added, the cardboard chips would not be able to absorb all of the oil. Hence, the intake of fat-related food has exceeded the daily dietary reference intake (DRI) of fat, which caused multiple diseases.

!= ���̈́R�Z?B����A8�׿u/���tՄ[email protected]ܺ�\��O�*�S$s1&�A�i���G>��gF endstream endobj 3 0 obj <>stream Maybe the most important was when hot extraction was launched. To determine which of the soxhlet extraction with ether, or the solvent extraction with a 3:2 mixture of hexane/isopropanol was more efficient, the percent fat extracted in terms of mass was used to compare the two methods. Also, the results were less precise than we expected. 0000071377 00000 n For example, manual extrac-tion … These molecules end up grouping together with their polar heads sticking outwards and non-polar tails inwards making it difficult for non-polar solvents to interact with the non-polar tails and extract them. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. ����CƼ��W���c�. 0000274550 00000 n Problems arise however, in cases where lipids are bound in animal or plant cell membranes. Peer review under responsibility of King Saud University. Why use a three to two ratio of hexane to isopropanol though? 114 0 obj <>stream 0000012861 00000 n

0000017011 00000 n Application The Soxhlet method for determining crude fat content is a lengthy process requiring up to a day for a single analysis. Several centrifugal separation processes were developed in the 1960s.

0000032458 00000 n -Olive oil all of those who helped us make this dream come true. 0000006237 00000 n 0000357561 00000 n Published by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of King Saud University. The food habits and the cuisine depended on the availability of plastic fats; and butter, lard, margarine, and shortening continue to be their primary fatty food materials. 0000641688 00000 n This process of mixing and decanting was carried out two more times for a total of three, after which the samples were left in the fume hood to dry overnight. Cottonseed is a by-product of cotton grown for fibre, and corn oil is obtained from the corn germ that accumulates from the corn-milling industry, whose primary products are corn grits, starch, and syrup. The standard fat extraction methods, including the pretreatment, are very manual and thus very time consuming. Sum of individual triglyceride X. Gravimetric methods Common techniques.

Soxhlet extraction Vs Acid hydrolysis. 1����=��TD�`?��_��b��9�V���;�_AOI�j9� � P��ZiRV�3|x��C�r��&% �����A%�'��3|� ���{S6�Θ����D�Uez�lhr���A8�v���V���-��I�W�~��{��K��7� a��d�����!=��q�� ��r��� ����\s��-0����~3��s[�|�i�} �,7��e���\غ�`�!��*x�5�鮀#q�a����P~�ㄥ��i���$l��e��W��%W]�Zl���-!X�SSy=!f�Z�,a)���N�q��wfN��G�Iʎ �T́����*\L�#.Iyt.t��U1�B'���gaIؔ��u�=���S}b�u�,I� uRA�E��%�n�bE�/Ao"�5���7�����������b�c}�q�Y�`�5�ݢ7Qf� �(u�wa�3�"�]�9���x�PW��2�0�8�4$ߣPj�U*� �k�)�� For the world as a whole, the average available supply is 10 kilograms per person; and in many areas of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, the annual consumption is 5 kilograms or less per person. The oil and fat products used for edible purposes can be divided into two distinct classes: liquid oils, such as olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, or sunflower oil; and plastic fats, such as lard, shortening, butter, and margarine. For the solvent method, the results were pretty accurate and precise. Then, the percent efficiency would increase since the total mass of fat was increased, while the undissolved mass stayed the same. With this ratio the solution mainains enough of its non-polar characteristic to work well for extractions while also being just polar enough to work well in siuations such as those mentioned earlier. 82 0 obj <>stream Due to its greater non-polarity, petroleum ether will yield a more specific extract than diethyl ether because it will only extract the most polar molecules. -Isopropanol 0000065887 00000 n They were then placed in an air-tight chamber to prevent water from being absorbed or lost until they were later weighed and the percent fat extracted was calculated. Lipids can be extracted using several methods.

The membranous matter (greaves) is separated from the aqueous (gluey) phase by pressing in hydraulic or screw presses; additional fat is thereby obtained.

-Hexane Extraction methods of fat from food samples and preparation of fatty acid methyl esters for gas chromatography: A review 1. xref As these molecules are part non-polar and part polar, we need a solvent that presents some of these same characteristics. Email của bạn sẽ không được hiển thị công khai. 0000025013 00000 n The isopropanol is polar enough to interact with the polar regions and help "pull apart" the cell membrane while also being non-polar enough to help in extracting non-polar fats and being soluble in the hexane. The isopropanol is polar enough to interact with the polar regions and help "pull apart" the cell membrane while also being non-polar enough to help in extracting non-polar fats and being soluble in the hexane.

R���z� RQd]S�5�,Sv���/�-N�ܠ��1�E&��L�ώU�jd��U“G�����%�lh���H�n–�sZAƼ �+݆@c�c8Ig��Xhc�D�t����0h��-mX��S��w� 0000479171 00000 n The rendering process is applied on a large scale to the production of animal fats such as tallow, lard, bone fat, and whale oil. �Aq����om�ŷ}fϔ�P͊>�@l%���������>̼� �R� Clarified butter or ghee is an important item of Indian cookery, and a hydrogenated shortening called vanaspati is designed to reproduce the coarsely crystalline plastic texture of ghee. OPSIS LiquidLINE has developed the SoxROC Extraction unit to increase the effectiveness of this process. This was done by creating a sample with a known mass of oil in it, and comparing the mass of the sample before extraction with its mass after the oil had been extracted. OPSIS LiquidLINE is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management system since 1996, and ISO 14001 environmental management system since 2000. 0000152949 00000 n

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