jitterbug phone on verizon network

GreatCall made a deal with Verizon in August of 2009 to use the Verizon network. Please Enable Javascript to view our site content, Preview the best cell phone plans for seniors, discuss the senior cell phones and deals from nationwide coverage cell phone service providers like Verizon senior plan, AT&T senior plan, consumer cellular, guide the elderly to senior discounts like AARP cell phone plans beside cheap and free cell phone plans, Can you use a Jitterbug Phone on Verizon Network, AARP Cell Phones for Seniors - Verizon AARP Discount | AARP Phone Plans, Free Cell Phones for Seniors - Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone | Smartphones with Free Plans, Best Cell Phones for Seniors 2020 - Best Flip Phones for Seniors, Verizon Senior Plans 2020 - Verizon Cell Phone Plans for Seniors, AT&T Phones for Seniors 2020 - AT&T Flip Phones, T-Mobile Senior Plans - T-Mobile 55+ Plan Reviews | T-Mobile Senior Plan. This answer doesn't seem to be correct.

This combines the simplicity of the phones with the widespread service and functionality of Verizon's network. We do not want a new phone, she is 90 and learning a new phone and changing numbers would create too many issues. 10-30-2019 02:26 PM.

For a person with limited sight, we recommend the Alcatel GO FLIP V. It has large backlit keys and easy-to-navigate features like dedicated text and camera buttons, to make it simple to use.

AARP Jitterbug Phone - What Cell Phone Does aarp Recommend for Seniors?

Call waiting and Caller ID. Device Activation. I STAND CORRECTED.

The Jitterbug phone does use the Verizon network but it CAN NOT be added to a Verizon account, You must go … Once you buy a Jitterbug device, you’ve got to activate it before you can use it. The answer is no. We have several flip phones available at this time. Does Verizon offer Jitterbug phones or smartphones? No long contract, only monthly plans. That means the phones need to unlock to work with Verizon wireless or any of its MVNOs. ansientwunMember. Is there another easy flip phone for those with limited sight that can be added to a verizon plan? The Jitterbug is a proprietary phone for Great Call - it won't work on other carriers. Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors 2020 - Verizon 65 Plus Plan | Verizon 55+ Plan, Cricket Phones for Seniors and Plans Review. Is Jitterbug compatible with Verizon’s network?

Verizon offers many basic and flip phones that are not designed for seniors but are simple phones for seniors. The Jitterbug phone uses the Verizon’s wireless network but it not allowed to be added to a Verizon account, so, You must get all service through GreatCall. Roll over the unused minutes up to 60 days. It's a very limited device (my Dad, 82, has one) but simple and makes calls and does texts (if you want it - Dad has minutes only). Below are the Jitterbug plans list in 2020, as mentioned above the Jitterbug phone service is running on the Verizon Wireless network. Hello Adeloach, we understand your need for a flip phone, and we'd love to help. Re: Can The Jitterbug Phone Be Added To A Verizon Plan? Jitterbug phones are proprietary phones for GreatCall and it won't work on other carriers. Please Enable Javascript to view our site content, best, cheapest, prepaid and free cell phone plans for seniors. … The Jitterbug phone does use the Verizon network but it CAN NOT be added to a Verizon account,  You must go through GreatCall for all service. According to a 2009 article on Verizon Wireless's website, the company teamed up with the creators of the Jitterbug phone through Verizon's open development program to bring further benefits to Jitterbug customers by providing them with a large-scale, reliable network.

If she already has the Jitterbug and a plan, that's likely the most cost effective solution you can have for her. 06-13-2017 04:25 PM. No long-distance fees inside the United States. Check coverage now. The Jitterbug network coverage map lets you quickly check GreatCall phone coverage for any U.S. area by simply entering a zip code. My advice is to keep things as they are.

Landline Phone Service, T-Mobile Plans for Seniors - T-Mobile Unlimited 55 Plus Plan | T Mobile Phones for Seniors, AT&T 55 plus plans for seniors 2020 - AT&T senior plan, AARP Cell Phone Service Plans - Consumer Cellular AARP Discount, Free Cell Phones for Seniors Verizon | Senior Citizen Cell Phone Plans Free, Cricket Phones for Seniors - Cricket Senior Plans | Cricket Family Plans, Sprint AARP Discount - Sprint Phones for Seniors. Bring Your Own Phone or Device - BYOD | Verizon Wireless.

You can find it here: http://spr.ly/6602EI5QM this information help?

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. You should check the device IMEI number to verify your device is fully compatible. Jitterbug phones operate on the Verizon mobile network as of April 2015. Can The Jitterbug Phone Be Added To A Verizon Plan? I STAND CORRECTED. Supposedly the Jitterbug device should be compatible as that MVNO network uses the Verizon Wireless network.

Verizon Senior Plans 2020 - Verizon 55 plus Plan Reviews | Verizon 65 plus Plan, Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2020 - Best Cell Phone Plans for 2 Lines | Wireless Deals, Consumer Cellular Plans 2020 | Consumer Cellular Phones for Seniors, Verizon Landline Plans for Seniors? So, Jitterbug phones are CDMA phones, but they locked to work with GreatCall only. You can view our selections in the following link: http://spr.ly/6600EI5QK. My MIL has a Jitterbug Plus and I want to know 2 things... 1) Can I use the "Bring your own device" option to add her Jitterbug to my current "The Verizon Plan".

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