high paying jobs without diploma

> Avg. The job usually requires a high school graduation and involves selecting and fitting show-business professionals before and during a performance. Before you balk, hear me out. So don't get down on yourself. Professional athletes are also exposed to dangerous occupational hazards. That's not too bad. Working as a professional casino gaming manager can be a pressure-packed line of work, as you're working with the public, and with the public's money on the line. Real estate agents who help buy and sell properties are also required to be licensed in the state in which they practice and are typically expected to have several years of professional experience. Others pretend it never happened (you read Playboy for the articles, right?). While educational requirements for gambling managers vary from casino to casino, most positions do not require a postsecondary degree. On average, home health aides can make around $21,000 per year in this career. Ship engineers are also exposed to dangerous conditions on the job. I saw this. Selling houses has become a popular career choice for the growing number of real estate agents in the U.S. - 1.3 million strong in 2017. Job satisfaction is high with petroleum pump operators - at 80%, according to industry figures. Through TSO Life's web platform, users are allowed to be remembered the way they want to be remembered and pass down a personal legacy to their future generations. Pay is good, with an average salary of $75,000, but with the rise of digital technology, including emails, texts, and private carrier delivery, demand for postal managers is at a weak minus 20% through 2026. Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more. The average elevator and escalator repairer earns $83,250 a year, more than twice the average wage of $39,914 for all occupations without a postsecondary degree requirement. The average annual wage for gambling managers is $84,700, more than twice the average annual salary for jobs without a postsecondary degree -- and even more than the average wage of $83,300 for occupations requiring a master's degree.

A career in the nuclear power trade as a reactor operator is easier to obtain than one might think. It's a great living, and no, you don't need a degree to get into it. The average annual salary is around $54,000, and the job involves planning and directing catered food and beverage occasions, in the private and public sector. While real estate broker positions generally require just a high school diploma, most brokers must take state-accredited courses and earn a state-issued broker's license.

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