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“But there was a sense that we are not going to be subjected to this kind of treatment, we are going to fulfill our lives as Jews in a rich way and we are going to go to the synagogue. Hasidic Yiddish is also used differently by men and women in certain respects, and some of these gender differences played a role in the translation. The precautions that are necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are at odds with communal and ritualistic life.

The very things that make my former community unique and beautiful — multigenerational families, custom, and tradition — may well contribute to the spread of the virus. Hasidic Leader Slams Jews Who 'Snitch' on Violations of COVID-19 Regulations . Two of these are native speakers of Stamford Hill Hasidic Yiddish, who scrutinised the text to make sure that it reflected vocabulary and usage characteristic of the community rather than that of Israel. But then I remember how funerals were conducted in the place I grew up. Doctors and funeral directors told us they estimate hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have died in Brooklyn alone. Last week, I lost three close Hasidic relatives in three days to the virus. Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community has faced mounting criticism over widespread disregard for rules put in place by the government to combat the coronavirus, which led to the community being particularly hard-hit. In Hasidic households, preparations for this holiday start as early as the last night of Hanukkah. But there are a lot of Trump supporters who are not anti-maskers.”. So now we have a request.

The Hasidic community in London’s Stamford Hill comprises approximately 40,000 people, the majority of whom are Yiddish-speaking. Members of the Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish research project on translating valuable information for a vulnerable community. He helped create a hotline with prerecorded Jewish prayers, meant for the final moments before death. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn with large Hasidic populations have some of New York City’s highest levels of positive Covid-19 test results.Credit...Jonah Markowitz for The New York Times. Last week the leader participated in a massive wedding held at a Hasidic house of study in Bnei Brak. I reached out to every major hospital, New York Presbyterian, Methodist, Mount Sinai, every single hospital. Passover 2020 will be the first time she will recite the Ma Nishtana — the four questions of the Haggadah, traditionally asked by the youngest child at the table — herself. That, in turn, has led to concerns over anti-Semitism in places like Rockland County, which has one of the highest per capita infection rates in the nation and was also the site of an anti-Semitic attack in December that killed one Hasidic Jew and injured four others. Absolutely. האדמו״ר מקרלין בשיחה מוקלטת לחסידיו אחרי שהחלים מקורונה: ״לא יודע מי יכול לקחת אחריות שלא לשמור על ההנחיות כפשוטם. As long as you can confirm that the scientific protocols that protect trial participants are in place, the question is how could you not participate?! While Friedlander said he believes most locals treat the virus seriously, another Borough Park resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, slammed her neighbors for what she views as widespread irresponsibility. The main ZIP code in the ultra-Orthodox hub of Borough Park in Brooklyn has the second-highest number of reported positive cases in New York City.

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