european chafer grub

Insecticide applications should be made after mowing your lawn to remove open flowers that might attract bees. They have light brown/orange coloured heads and three pairs of legs. Surviving grubs return to the surface as soon as the ground thaws, feeding on grass roots again in late winter and spring. Although not as widespread as Japanese beetles, European chafer grubs are more damaging to home lawns in areas where both are found. The imago, or adult beetle, stage is quite short, lasting 1–2 weeks. They feed through late summer and fall, not stopping until the ground freezes. - The curative products break down quickly in the soil and will kill the grubs at any life stage, though often a treatment with a preventive product the following summer will be necessary for complete control. Grubs are C-shaped, white, and can get up to one-inch long (June beetle grubs are larger). You will need JavaScript enabled to properly navigate this web site! The European chafer may be the most serious grub pest of home lawns and low-maintenance turf.

Grubs are C-shaped, white, and can get up to one-inch long (June beetle grubs are larger).

Look for any thinning or dying patches in your lawn and use a shovel to pull back the turf to look for grubs.

It is also important to apply it early enough to give the chemical a chance to be picked up by the grass before the grubs become large. Finally, when applying any of these products, you must water it in. Natural control of European chafer by predators, parasites and pathogens is excellent in Europe but poor in the United States. Excavations in turf this week revealed that the grubs are abundant and are medium-sized. The battle has begun, but the outcome is not decided.

European chafer is a small tan to brown beetle around ½-inch long. In the spring they feed on grass roots, causing the damage we saw earlier this year. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.

Eggs are laid from late June through July. While Japanese beetle or June beetle grubs can cause similar damage, these are not the same. The 4-H Name and Emblem have special protections from Congress, protected by code 18 USC 707. Click here for the mobile/phone version of this web site.

The grubs begin to pupate between mid-May and the beginning of June, depending on the grub species.

They are bigger than the adult beetles and, if straightened out, can be up to 18mm (almost ¾in) long Chafer grubs, dung beetles and stag beetles all have similar looking grubs.

European chafer overwinters as a mature larva.

By Door County Pulse, Peninsula Pulse – September 2nd, 2016, by Annie Deutsch, Door County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent. Skunk damage from raccoons feeding on European chafer grubs in Okemos, Michigan. First instar (or larval stage) grubs emerge from eggs in early August and molt to second larval stage instars by the middle of August. These preventive treatments kill young grubs as they hatch, but do not work as well against larger, established grubs.

Do this in several spots in the yard close to and around the dying patches of turf. Earlier this summer, many homeowners around the city of Sturgeon Bay noticed extensive damage to their lawn. They stop feeding and again, will not pick up any insecticide if it is applied too late. They remain as pupae for about two weeks before emerging as adults. It takes a while for the materials to be absorbed by the plants and they work best on small grubs.

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