easy dopamine calculation

10 mcg multiply 18.7 by 2.0 = 37.40 gtts/min 4 ……………………..1000 …………………400. Step 3: Obtain the dopamine concentration. James, thanks so much! Obviously the dose, weight, and concentration will vary, however 60 is a constant. please let me know, as that would be very cool indeed. ), THEN 250 ml (260) …….0.0884 ……………0.1976 2 500 800 (exact: 784) Kilograms multiplied by 0.19 (exact is 0.1875) ( max 1.3% error diff. You Need Leads, Sales, Conversions, Traffic for wordpress.com ? You have 400mg dopamine and a 250ml bag of D5w. Pounds multiplied by 0.085 ( max 0.3% error differential ) I am an EMS educator in Dallas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 220 lb = 100 kg. Last week DTs began to brush up on med math, in preparation of precepting a rising medic with Major Transport Company.

1000 …………………0.34 ……………….0.76. 2400 mcg per ml?

The actual calculation, where (milliliters per hour) = (weight kg) * (dose mcg/kg/min) * (60 min/hour) / (concentration mcg/ml). and 250 ml by four in order to convert it properly? Ratio and Proportion method, Formula method, Cross-multiplication, Three-Step, Rule-of-Fours, and so-on, when I came to Dopamine, and the Neat Thing. The 0.1875 comes from 5*60/1600 = 0.1875 which comes from (5mcg/kg) x (1ml/1600mcg) x (60min/hour). james | 08.03.08 – 9:19 am | #, Yikes! Easy Dopamine Calculation; IV Flow Rates; EKG Anatomy and Pathology; Medic-Tools; Links.

What is the drip rate? How to give Dopamine.

The answer is 52.5 mL/hr. Now using kg/13.33 gives you an even better error rate, less than .16 gtts/hr for a 300lb pt! Doing the math again, it reduces to 3*kg/40=ml/hr=kh*(3/40)=kg/13.33 repeating~kg/13.33. Your formula could subtract 1 mL/hr for every 150 lbs and be more accurate. So anyway, there’s that for what it’s worth. Easy-peasy dopamine calculation for when you want the cardiac dose of 5mcg/kg/min: When your concentration is 1600 micrograms/milliliter, take the patient’s weight IN POUNDS, divide by 10, and subtract 2. BFD. MULTIPLY BY For IV Bag (Actual Concentration) The 6.67 comes from the % difference between these. 20 mcg / kg / min, multiply by 4. Check it as many times as you want, you will be right on.

Substituting Dopamine in place of Norepinephrine for septic shock is suspect to increased mortality. 4 1000 400, After ml / hr is calculated, to increase from 5 mcg / kg / min, to You will be required to solve problems that require you to understand: mcg/kg/min Before taking the quiz, don’t forget to watch the lecture on Dopamine IV drip calculations. Don’t believe me? Since DTS method is consistently 6.67 %, multiplying 20 gtts/min by the decimal form of 6.67% or 0.667 gives you the value 1.32 the 20 gtts/min is off by, so subtracting 20 from 1.32 gives you a more exact drip rate.

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