does regina have a baby on once upon a time

Although Regina struggles with using magic, it eventually comes back to her with a little help from her mother's spellbook.

When there is no sign of her, she gathers the villagers and asks for information while also claiming Snow is evil. She tells him that she has had absolutely no luck in thawing Marian, for she has read every spell book she owns, experimented with every potion in her vault and even tried defeating the Snow Queen so that she could get her to reverse the spell, but nothing works.

However, Regina manages to use light magic in order to defeat Zelena, and removes Zelena's pendant, therefore rendering Zelena powerless.

However, Robin is soon poofed away, and the Evil Queen emerges with the Shears of Destiny in tow. Snow finds out that Cora had actually disguised herself as the Blue Fairy and had given Snow the candle herself, also revealing that she poisoned Snow's mother as well. Regina does exactly this, and tells the little girl afterwards that the only way to face her new fear of horses is to get back on one and ride.

She appears to Regina and makes known that she's controlling the Count via his heart, meaning Regina has to rush over to the docks and stop him from killing Snow and David. Regina blames Emma for taking everyone she cares about, but Emma tells Regina that both Graham and Henry were unhappy with her and that the mayor ask why these are so. Everyone besides Mary Margaret leaves, giving her a chance to apologize for killing Cora in the first place, but Regina concedes that it was a complicated situation. Whilst the Huntsman goes into the forest to kill Snow, Regina changes her palace to look dark. Regina is primarily based on the queen from the fairytale.

Emma explains that there is a lot of Maine to search, but Regina angrily tells her to branch out her search. Snow promises to keep this a secret, but eventually confesses this to Regina's mother, Cora. Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time Wiki, the Once Upon a Time encyclopedia. Ingrid casts the Spell of Shattered Sight upon Storybrooke and while under the Spell, Snow engages in a fight with Regina.

The group make their way to Pan's camp and once they arrive, Regina knocks out the Lost Boys with her magic, as Rumple is forbidden from doing it. Gold cannot do that; however, he gives Henry something that will allow him to control his actions in that world. Emma then asks what Regina is doing at the Hospital, so Dr. Whale explains that she's still his emergency contact, angering Emma.

She is based on Snow White from the fairytale of the same name.

Regina is inspired by the dragon witch, but returns to Rumplestiltskin nonetheless, happy with his teaching methods after all. Regina supposes he doesn't and says evil is made, not born.

("Snow Falls"), When Regina and Emma discuss Henry in the local diner, the former states that she is no longer worried about the latter, as she lives a transient lifestyle, so will soon be out of their lives.

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