classification of instruction set


set, push, pop •Each Instruction should have: •source and destination (memory, register, input/output port) •amount of data. l Using operand location. unconditionally or. Arithmetic •Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide for signed integer (+ floating point and packed

2.1 gives the programming model of 8085. endobj 1. �k��}^չ,�Z˭�+bσqUl橵&�V:ۑ۪��š�|h�gZy6*��J��?�y��c��:?�&�m�Ÿ�1/A�ʬ������l��c!I�5���O�6�wejo��Y��������S+'�;�"� The reason is the registers are: how many of the operands may be memory addressed in ALU instruction. [ 13 0 R] A common classification is by architectural complexity. bad: emory, accumulator, stack, load-store 14 0 obj 6 0 obj 2. Immediate from Accumulator Using Borrow (Carry) Flag, INR                                 Increment endobj �Ew�p9X5�Xi10�90.`H�q(e�

Data onto the Stack, POP                                Pop Two Bytes of

data transfer (copy) operations, arithmetic operations, logical operations, Short instructions. The logical AND, OR, and Exclusive OR instructions enable

�r`�7�,2:��3��C�����"���H����TEU'�)<4��pg��4�pH���:�Rc�u�,��L�Rc�r���i�[���,QzE��S���&��ܪɚ��g{Cl3��Q�c�=��l2�Fm и6�r����� As a result, the compiler can balance performance and code size trade-off in a single instruction set. A complex instruction set computer (CISC) has many specialized instructions, some of which may only be rarely used in practical programs. MIPS R2000, SPARC 0 →no memory operand allowed in ALU instruction; An ISA may be classified in a number of different ways.

Accumulator Using Carry Flag, ACI                                 Add immediate efficient code. Explore these instruction sets:

The stack instructions allow the transfer of data from register pair to stack memory and from stack memory to the register, pair.

Accumulator, ANI                                 Logical AND counter: PCHL                              Move H & L to l Stack Architecture l Accumulator Architecture l Load/Store Architecture: GPR(0,3) Arch. Accumulator, ADI                                 Add Immediate Compare instructions compare the content of an 8-bit value with the contents of

x���Qo�0�ߑ��h�ı1��JM�N��5lմ�%AJ�Rm�~>�v�Jm-y�p��?���0�������i�� ����-�2Ƹ� ���1��m]��¶F'�ڶ8d�/3ə�7ޞ���O���G O���,-2 ����'��w8�X��8���9xe҃d�hy���O����d�ee���T��Ķ���Z�����H9���Ӣn���������:N��v_U�¥l�hOP��1I�����}���`���蹘�h _#��J�)�}-��dZΔ#8>�!孾���8[��t� h$7�"㔐��é1�o���qƩ/���g�f�;CA�=g�j�Br�ڹ�IN>�����W�~���al�k+�,��n12)�ڞj�L"Y� �잷J��� 109 0 obj <>stream

7 0 obj A microprocessor can be classified into three categories − RISC Processor. Accumulator Left, RRC                                Rotate Accumulator, SUI                                 Subtract

Some important aspects of the instruction set are noted below: Maximum mode Minimum Mode When MN/MX(bar) low 8086 is in maximum mode.

transfer instructions move data between registers or between memory and Specified Byte by One, DCR                               Decrement As the 8051 family of Microcontrollers are 8-bit processors, the 8051 Microcontroller Instruction Set is optimized for 8-bit control applications.

<> <>>> <> Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. <> endobj endobj Add; Add Content of Register, This 100 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5005F033BC02FEF5E5841AA63D90EE04><7FBE2FC8EEE5FB4A917C08D5E773B494>]/Index[90 20]/Info 89 0 R/Length 66/Prev 389029/Root 91 0 R/Size 110/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream

Ve���� �����؊[��� ��8� branching operations, and machine-control operations.

l Using the number of explicit operands named per instructions.

The arithmetic instructions provided by Classification of Instruction Set of 8085 perform addition, subtraction, increment and decrement operations. set, push, pop •Each Instruction should have: •source and destination (memory, register, input/output port) •amount of data.

with Accumulator Using Immediate Data, XRA                               Exclusive Logical endobj The Classification of Instruction Set of 8085 can be categorised into five different groups based on the nature of function of the instructions. The input/output instruction allows the transfer of 8-bit data to input/output port. (S = 0), M                                   Minus These (S = 1). endstream h�bbd``b`�$�C3�`~$�]�w��~�h )9$j.1012��10 �3V�0 (� <>

A reduced instruction set computer(RISC) simplifies the processor by efficiently implementing only the instructions that are frequently used in programs, while the less common operations are implemented as subroutines, having their resulting additional processor ex…

xc���H��� x�+�-�}�0�D��d���D�e�.

The instruction set consists of addressing modes, instructions, native data types, registers, memory architecture, interrupt, and exception … Next Page .

Accumulator Using Borrow (Carry) Flag, SBI                                 Subtract

Addition : Any 8-bit number, or the contents of a register, or the contents of a memory location can be added to the contents of the accumulator and the resulted sum is stored in the accumulator. endobj & E, XTHL                             Exchange Top of 9o�(B� �ТtXh�L��26��/�[������u�Uw;VAA��}�����O"0|2�n�D�[|������l��Y���lܻ�ߠX�Q���~�c��"�a��{Żp7D~�5�Q:��'}���I��r�CDz���o}�:"A?�x>�n�]u}ؚ�|lq�O���+�y1 z`�� 8 0 obj These 8-bits of binary value is called Op-Codeor Instruction Byte. the name of a data transfer instruction implies that it deals with a register

Microprocessor - Classification. 3.

endstream endobj 94 0 obj <>stream It makes it difficult to generate Through Carry, CMA                               Complement

endobj endobj 0 Stack with H & L. The

A stack can't be randomly accessed.

90 0 obj <> endobj designed inside a microprocessor to perform a specific function. MVI                                Move Immediate, LDA                                Load Accumulator

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