bisquick apple dumplings

My family has used your brand since before I was born, and the other day I called up my 78 year old Dad to ask him for Grandmas recipe...he replied “It’s on the Bisquick box” ...but it wasn’t, and I had to read him the whole box, because he could not believe it wasn’t on there. And try not to lose it. Oh, if you are so worried that the recipe won't be around for your children or grandchildren, you can fix that, too. I’m 82 & still cooking same dumplings for the family.

Cooking tip: The mix is very sticky and will stick firmly to your spoon/scoop to avoid this happening, after you drop a Dumpling or two dip your spoon/scoop into the hot liquid for a cpl secs the next. My box didn't have the recipe for dumplings ?? I put them in homemade chicken soup. My mom made Bisquick dumplings and I wanted to make them too because I remembered how good they were. your dumpling recipe. Guess I would have been out tomorrow and buying it. I also looked upon goggle for a recipe for dumplings. That sank like concrete Didn’t know any was omitted! The recipe is fine, otherwise. I don’t need colorful pictures of what I could make with Bisquick on the box. And all the comments about the recipe on the box just kills me. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Do you just brown pork chops and then add . HAPPY I found the Dumpling recipe on Google--I put it in my Phone Memo for the future :).

Thank you for your product and please listen to your bisquick readers. Copyright © 1995-2020 . Then I switched from my electric stove with burners to a cooktop stove, and they came out like rocks!!! The dumplings will always sink if you don't boil the soup.

Why do southerners have what they call dumplings that are hard like hockey pucks to me.

I have never used Bisquick. Need the dumplings recipe back on the box!! Now, here's the trick....add 1 can cream of celery soup and 1 can cream of chicken soup into the pot. we want the dumpling receipe back on box. Recipe not on my box either..... but I remember.... 2 c bisquick My mother used Bisquick and I do too. I finally got a box without the recipes I count on. I think they put it back on the box because it wasn't there 3 years ago. Ok what is the Name if the Man who decided to take the DUMPLINGS off the BOX. Stop complaining about "NO RECIPE ON THE BOX FOR THE DUMPLINGS". Maybe I got an old box. Has anyone tried pork neck bones, sauerkraut and dumplings? And my Dad is gone and he took his recipe with him. Not on my box. I have chicken broth, pieces of chicken, carrots, celery & green peas. Had to go to Pinterest for the recipe and it wasn’t easy to find.

Take small balls of dough roll out, place apple slices and sugar on dough and roll up. I just got through making a pot of them this evening myself, and I have to always remember what she has always said, do it backwards of what it says on the box, cover immediately after dropping then uncover and cook another 10 minutes. No problem. Made the dumplings I roll out the dough for my dumplins,. 3/4 cup cream (or 1/2 cup milk plus 1/4 cup melted butter) 2 cups Bisquick 2 tablespoons sugar, if desired 6 Medium sized pared and cored firm apple or a peeled and stoned peach Jam Sugar Dash of cinnamon, if desired. Make them a cookbook with your family favorite recipes in it and make sure you include this dumpling recipe for them. I use cream of chicken soup for my broth. It made me mad to see it was gone. It adds a little flavor and color. 1. 1 tsp parsley I might forget the process of preparing it. I had Bisquick! Yes please put the recipe back on the box. what happened. Use pizza cutter to cut in strips and pinch off dough from strips into boiling broth. Dumplings are so popular....why would you remove the recipe from the box? Blah! But what about the people who dont have a pc. I'm 52 and never had any other dumplings!! Why do my dumplings end up being deavy and doughy in the middle, I must be doing something wrong?????? Well Bisquick, It took over an hour to read all these comments. Tie each dumpling into a piece of cheesecloth or muslin. Their request was for nothing. It can't be the same as regular dumplings as they would be too sticky to roll out, right?

I try to make as many meals out of it as i can, usually 2-3 meals. Hannibal ny. Trusted since 1996. The younger people need it! I still have a couple of little Bisquick booklets from the early seventies, do not make the recipes anymore but I kept the booklets just in case. Adding organic garlic helps me to think I've made them a little healthier, LOL! While variations abound, a traditional cobbler is a baked, deep-dish fruit dessert that's topped with a biscuit sprinkled with sugar to give it a bit of crunch and color.

I really wish you would return to printing your recipes on the boxes of Bisquick. Pull the Fullblood Wagyu beef sliders out of the freezer, and place them in the refrigerator 24 hours before starting the recipe. In seventh grade in home economics class our spelling word was biscuit. They have pancakes and waffles on back which both contain eggs but nothing on the side but the web site. I wish I could remember how she did it . Why did you "fix" something that was already just fine? HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to both of us. .they are grown up. I agree with Jefferson City, if everyone who commented on this site would go to the Bisquick site, I'm sure it will be put back on the box.

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