best time to visit peru and bolivia

But otherwise, would definitely not be late for anything as they will leave. Hi Bruce!

After a nice night’s rest, we toured around Cusco, visiting the main sites for a day. For three days we didn’t see any other tourists, we did however trek through some small communities and shared some very special moments with some of the local people. Lima to Cusco: $90 flight Machu Picchu entry: $45 Machu Picchu Train+Bus: $165 Salt Flat tour: $200 La Paz to Uyuni Flights: $150 roundtrip. In the Salar de Uyuni – the country’s most famous attraction – overnight temps drop down to -20 C (-4F), meaning it’s essential to wrap up. This one is d, Santorini vibes. Would you recommend we do the same as well? The bus made long enough stops in Puno and Copacabana to allow for quick tours of Lake Titicaca. This itinerary might not be for everyone, and it certainly is not the way I would choose to travel if I had it my way. Airfares are only marginally cheaper outside of the dry season as well (avoid school holidays and festivals for the best rates). Peru and Bolivia border each other and travelling overland from Peru to Bolivia or vice versa is pretty straightforward. Although these vary slightly throughout the country, the dry season generally begins in May and ends in late November, with the wet occupying the rest of the year. – Spend a night in Huacachina instead of a day trip – Visit Arequipa, spend 3-4 nights – Another night in Cusco because there was just so much more to discover in that town. I am trying to follow a similar itinerary. A possible downside of visiting in the wet season is that the conditions may mean it’s impossible to visit Isla Incahuasi or Fish Island as it has become known to some. Can I ask regarding local flights-did you book before you left or is it ok to book when you are there?

Hi Terence, I prefer to always travel with a backpack so I am biased :). Had i stayed in Cusco from the getgo, I would have been in bad shape because it really affected me (didn’t take any tablets).

Our salt flat tour ended at 5pm on the third day. Thank you so much and you have a beautiful blog. The dry season is high season in Bolivia as crystal clear skies and a distinct lack of rain allow tourists to hike and climb to their heart’s content. It can be hard to escape the tourist track in an unfamiliar place, but not to worry, we've listed tips for seeing the more authentic side of Peru & Bolivia. I’m just scared of being left behind with all my stuff in the bus. Just be sure to pack for cold weather as nights dip to freezing at high altitude. The downside is that … In extreme cases, entire roads are washed away and remote airports are closed for days on end. Visiting Peru in January - April. Super appreciate it! I just wanted to let you know that your blog was extremely helpful when planning this portion of my trip- from the bus routes, to getting my Bolivian visa, to what to expect in the salt flats. No trip to Peru is complete without a visit to one of the new wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Chalk full of some of the world's greatest natural and historical wonders, visiting both countries is easy to do for those with limited time.

We ended up missing our train and didn’t get back to Ollantaytambo until late in the night. Guess I’m just wondering what all I should bring lol. Glad to have been helpful and enjoy the rest of your big trip! For any travel or itinerary related questions, please leave a COMMENT on the respective post instead of emailing me. Due to the high altitudes, Bolivia can get pretty chilly at night. 17th October 2013 by Ross. As for acclimation, Rainbow Mountain is very high but we were only at that altitude for a few minutes so it wasn’t that bad. The days are slightly shorter, but usually sunny, and the skies crystal clear, making this the best time of year for trekking and climbing. Thanks! The other “wet” months, on the other hand, usually experience just an isolated shower at most each day. This is a newer tour and gaining popularity quickly. Paracas is a bit of a sleepier place but you can also visit Hucachina which is quite cool. Having said that, torrential rains mostly tend to fall between January and March.

Super jealous. © 2018 Johnny Africa. This is our first time to South America. That’s why I always recommend NOT to do the Rainbow Mountain trip immediately upon arriving in Cusco! Zanzibar is one of my favorite islands in the world. Cusco is Peru’s second largest city and could not be more different from Lima. The Best Time to Visit Bolivia Like most of its South American neighbors, Bolivia’s climate varies based on altitude and season, making it a great destination throughout the whole year. Hi Johnny, I am so glad I came across this vlog!

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