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That is a Christmas carol. Ultimately, however, he was driven by his selfish desire to win.

Using information from that incident as well as his own logic, Edgeworth discovered that the person behind the attempted poisoning was gallery director Katherine Hall, who wanted to catch the true culprit behind the IS-7 Incident. Aged 24 Aliases/nicknames Edgeworth was asked to defend Iris in the murder of Elise Deauxnim in Wright's stead.

Darke was accused of murdering Neil Marshall, who was to be the prosecutor against Darke for a series of other murders. Gregory was arguing a case against the undefeated prosecutor Manfred von Karma. To prevent himself being recognized as a prosecutor in court, Edgeworth pulled some strings to have Franziska von Karma and the judge from his first court appearance appointed for the trial. Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and am making no profit from writing this. I get the feeling that if he'd done something wrong, he wouldn't go hiding it. However, there is one question that needs to be answered: why did the real killer commit the murder in such a manner? Ace Attorney (逆転裁判 その『真実』、異議あり! Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igiari! His goal as a prosecutor is to seek the truth above all else, and to use the power of the law to save people. Dhurke was arrested on suspicion of Inga's murder, but Edgeworth's position as Chief Prosecutor granted the group the permission they needed to perform their needed investigations and prove Dhurke's innocence.

Nick..?" Ema Skye has also expressed some amount of interest in him, such as daydreaming about him working upon visiting his office as a teenager. Miles Edgeworth sat, alone, at his newly polished wooden desk in Room 1202- the High Prosecutor's Office. Thanks to Larry Butz testifying on Iris's behalf, the trial is extended for another day for further investigations. 5, 2019, Apr. Alive (Sep. 2028) One way or another were talking, whether it be at my house.

Edgeworth's oblivious pretty-boy nature has been the subject of teasing at times. The lights had gone out. Sweet and fluffy. His defeat in court at the hand of his childhood friend Phoenix Wright was the beginning of a series of seismic shifts in his attitude concerning his profession. Phoenix gaze was currently on the card, a single tear slipped down his cheek, tapping against the card with a soft thud. Edgeworth and Lang confronted Alba, who invoked his right as an ambassador to stand trial in his own country.

Follow/Fav Earthquake.

It turned out that Edgeworth had only gotten half of the evidence list, and Wright had found the other half in Gant's office. One-off nicknames Edgeworth seemed slightly more awake now, his vision returning slowly "It's Maya.." Maya replied once again, Edgeworth's eyes went wide for a moment, the voice sounded so sad and distant, for different to the Maya he had gotten used to "Ms. Fey..? Gumshoe leaves happily without retrieving his story. Trapped in the courthouse elevator with his father and Yanni Yogi.

His thoughts shot immediately to that prosecutor, his old rival, his friend. Although Edgeworth has expressed disinterest in marriage, he nonetheless has a good number of romantic and semi-romantic admirers and is generally regarded as a "pretty-boy" (as Shi-Long Lang used to call him) with all that this entails.

Edgeworth smiled innocently and finished his tea in one quick gulp. "W-who's there? It had been quite a long time since he had reconciled with his old friends or even his subordinates; it was the summer break for a lot of people in Los Angeles and there was a lot less crime- meaning there was absolutely no work to do. Detective Gumshoe has commented on Edgeworth's apparent ignorance of his own appeal to women, prompting the latter to remark, "D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?" Edgeworth thought while looking up at the ceiling. If I find him, you three will be the first to know. Little boy prosecutor* (by Dick Gumshoe) Mr. New Prosecutor Recommended by Manfred von Karma Miles Edgeworth* (by the judge) Mr.

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